TextSound 2.0

Batch convert your text files to wav and other audio files
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TextSound is an easy to use text to speech converter. Output can be selected out of many formats and qualities, and the voice to use can be chosen out of 12 different voices (Spanish, UK english or American english -male / female).

Once the output format is set, it can be saved with a user 'name' or 'title', and be recovered later on for same characteristics conversion on another text file.

It can convert whatever text file: plain text, email, document, report, web page, etc. or just a file created by the user typing out (book translation, office report, etc.).

User needs to add the text files to the conversion list main window, and set the conversion quality and properties or load a previous 'conversion settings' saved before. Conversion lists can be sorted on any field.

Once the conversion list is ready, with the number of text files to be converted, press "Convert" and the batch conversion starts. The conversion lists can also be saved for later use, so the application offers the capability of loading ("Open") previous conversion lists and work on them.

Output audio files can be burn to audio CDs, sent by email, transferred to another PC, etc.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Very simple and easy to use. Very small application


  • Text can't be directly typed on the main window. The user has to create a text file and then add it to the main window
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